Spinov8 Distribution Company is proud to represent the best brands in adaptive cycling from around the world.  Through our dealer network, we deliver cutting edge innovation, fitness and freedom of movement to an appreciative consumer community.

Van Raam PIC Banff Canada 8-17-16Van Raam –

Van Raam is a Dutch manufacturer that produces unique special needs bicycles and specializes in tricycles, scooterbikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step trough bikes (also known as comfortbikes). Each model is also available with electric power assist. Van Raam has 100 years of cycle manufacturing experience. Check out all VanRaam models here.


travel trikesTriVel  –

Trivel is a Quebec-based adaptive tricycles manufacturer.

Their innovative products are created and made by local passionate craftsmen, who always strive to discover better ways to meet clients’ needs. Tri-Vel Pediatric Trikes are innovative as they grow with the child. Their Adult Azteca Trike is available with Fat tires, and electric power assist. Check out Tri-Vel Dealers here



Greenspeed –

Greenspeed has been a family run business since 1990. They have expanded into 3 neighboring factory units in the suburbs of Australia creating quality recumbent trikes that suit everyone. Great innovative thinking and proven designs form the foundation of this great recumbent cycling brand. Many of their models can be fit with Adaptive pieces making them fully accessible to all. Check out dealers for Greenspeed here

flash_6EZ-Trainer –

We are pleased to include the Quebec-based EZ-Trainer company within our stable of Adaptive Cycling products.  The EZ-Trainer Adult Stability Training Wheels are very often the only enhancement required to get a balance-impaired adult back on the road.  The unique suspension system provides for a safe cycling experience. Check out dealers for EZ-Trainer here