About Spinov8 Distribution

As a single brand distributor, we have a clear focus.  Our goal is to encourage the awareness of the VanRaam brand of inclusive cycling in North America, and to provide a marketing platform to sell to an array of diverse customer opportunities.  Our unique, innovative, top of the line brand of cycles provides for a stand-alone mobile business model, or perfectly compliments an existing business.

Our Cycles

VanRaam Cycles of Varsseveld Netherlands handcrafts each of their cycles with care.  Renowned for their designs, this 100 year old cycle manufacturer has spent the past 30+ years specializing in adaptive cycling.  Leading the industry, VanRaam designs are well defined, offering cycling solutions for many who would not otherwise be able to ride a bike.

Knowledge and Quality

Together with VanRaam we support our dealers with training, sales guidance and best practices to make their sales efforts enjoyable and successful.  Our North America Team is the liaison between dealer and manufacturer.  VanRaam provides full product details, including schematics, maintenance guidelines and product warranty and marketing resources.  Spinov8 Distribution maintains inventory of  extra options, parts, and the most popular models in stock for immediate shipment.

Sales Strategy

Caring and sharing are key to the success in the inclusive cycling segment of our industry.  Our top performing dealers have found something very rewarding in their work with the VanRaam brand of cycles, and that has grown their success.  Best practice demonstrates success by putting people on the bikes.  This means bringing the VanRaam cycles to them, or to their group.  This offsite sales silo makes it a profitable adjunct to an existing business, or as a stand-alone, low overhead mobile business.

Our Dealers

Our dealers come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are brick and mortar specialty bike shops, and some have taken to the idea of a rewarding part-time mobile business.  Both require personal drive, a caring attitude and a willingness to transport the cycles to customers.  We are looking for exceptional dealer partners and would be happy to discuss either dealer model with you.